Krubera cave as underground alien space

MYSTERIOUS PLACES - The Krubera cave is the deepest cave in the world. It is more than 2,000 metres deep and over 13,000 kilometres long, with only one entrance. The Krubera cave is one of the lesser known caves, because it is situated in a remote and isolated area of the Caucasus region: Abkhazia, Georgia.

Even so, explorers from different countries descend into the Krubera cave from time to time. Most of them just want to set a personal depth record, or find out if the cave could be even deeper than is known. These cave explorers run into all kinds of problems. Floods, poisonous gas, anxiety attacks and hallucinations, encounters with unknown, primitive animal species, it all happens.

So how much do we really know about the Krubera cave? It is immensely deep, and it is not the only cave in the area. Another spectacular cave system close by is Novy Afon. Let’s just look at one of Krubera’s largest shafts. It is huge. A natural phenomenon. Or is it? What does the shaft really look like? Could you imagine it being the perfect launch for spacecraft? In an ancient past, or maybe even today?

There are many indications that a worldwide underground cavern system exists. What exactly happens in this system is a mystery. People from all continents report ufos appearing as if out of nowhere, and people disappearing around such places.

The Krubera cave has not been researched enough, but it could well be an important link in this worldwide cavern network.