Tibetan lama’s statement for NASA about Doomsday 2012

DOOMSDAY 2012 - The lama of the monastery under Gyandrek Kailas, known as the Oracle of Shambhala, has explained how to survive the apocalypse, which he says will last two weeks.

Tibetan lamaIf you believe the predictions of the Maya, then the apocalypse is less than two months away. And although scientists, naturally, refuse to believe in these predictions, astrologers and  are seriously discussing what will be the designated end of the world. 
So, Tibetan lamas do not hide the fact that the risk of a serious accident is quite large: in late December, the planets in the solar system line up in a row, which is a unique in time. In his message to NASA, lama  Gyandrek Kailas said that on December 21 2012, the Earth, along with the solar system passes through a   galactic “zero band”.

According to the lama, "..fall and winter will be warm, but from December 21st, 2012, the Earth will begin to pass through this galactic  zero band. This is a special state of space where all is blanked and nothing is subject to any energy. There will be complete darkness and silence. No electricity or communication. The darkness will be accompanied by flashes of light, as well as the play of light and shadow. Sometimes it may seem as if figures are wandering around – like the dead, risen from their graves. Earth will shake slightly, it will feel like a small earthquake. Some buildings can be destroyed – warns the lama. Animals feel the Earth and will know that the cosmic dark is coming. They will hide underground. People in cities do not feel the Earth, so they become the victims of insanity. Up to 10% of the population can be lost in these events..", according to the Tibetan monk.

Oracle Shambhala also gives practical tips for humans:

1. You need to prepare for this change of cycles. Complete all your work in 2012, do not start new projects, pay off debts.

2. On December 20th, 2012, take your children, all documents and cash and get out of the city into the countryside. Prepare a supply of food for two months, as it will take a long time to restore supply after the events.

3. In your house, you need to stock a supply of water, firewood and candles. You need to have a stove in the house, as the electricity supply will stop from December 21st, 2012.

4. There will not be any communication lines or tv. During the “dark days”, cover your windows, do not look out, do not believe your eyes and ears, do not to go out. If you need to go, you cannot go far – you can get lost.

5. After the re-appearance of the world, do not hurry to return to the city. It is better to in nature in spring.

Tibetan lamas confirm that the disastrous events will last two weeks, though the echoes will be felt for some months, until the beginning of February. The full recovery of the Earth from the “zero band” is expected in about February 7, 2013. There will be a partial restoration of electricity and transport. By late March, the world will recover completely.

This end of the world will radically change the people’s outlook, according to Oracle Shambhala. People will become more spiritual. In developed and developing countries a variety of scientific and spiritual teachings will blossom, systems for the development and health of the individual. “This will be the most important impetus to the progress of mankind since a long time,” – concludes the monk.

Meanwhile, scientists continue to claim that fears of the apocalypse are unfounded. Many researchers agree that the Maya civilization, if it existed today, would most likely have invented a new calendar. Archaeologists have found evidence, even deep in the rain forest, texts in which the ancient Maya mentioned dates later than December 21, 2012.

So who should we believe? Will you be prepared for the end of times?

Source: 21/12/12 – Tibetan monks make a statement for NASA Doomsday