The world is waiting for 2012

2012 PHENOMENON - December 21st, 2012 will be the end of existing worlds, and the beginning of something new. The ancient Maya calendar is clear about this. After 2012, the world will look totally different. At least that is what many people feel or argue.

ancient Maya calendar
Photograph by Stephen Alvarez, National Geographic Society

As to the specific events in 2012, almost everyone has their own version. Some say that the Messias will come to Earth, taking a small percentage of people, those who are without sin. Often this is interpreted by reading codes into a holy book. Other number interpretations point to the fact that there are quite a few 13ths on Friday in 2012.

Maybe there will be war in 2012, destruction of the existing order, reforms or revolution, under the influence of a special alignment of the planets in our solar system.

Humanity lives in certain ‘worlds’. We know our place in a family, a workplace, have our insurances, know that (depending on where you live) the US is good, Greece is bad, Syria is evil. But what if this would all change in 2012? Think for example of a world where money would no longer matter. That is quite hard to imagine in the present day.

In 2012, the center of world power could also shift geographically. From the West to the East for example, which is already visible. The richest countries will not stay rich forever, new countries will emerge, old powers will fall apart.

Or something completely different: we all walk around using smartphones now. The world is rapidly interconnecting more and more. This changes or way of communication, or even our karma if you will. Is this the start of some shift in our consciousness in 2012?

Now be careful. You have to consider who is behind which interpretation, and why. Unfortunately, the subject of 2012 is so popular the world over that many authors and pseudo-scientists are mainly into it to sell books or fill their blogs. About 2012, it is often difficult to see what is even remotely scientific any more.

Still, 12 is a special number, and December 21st is two times 12, if you read in both directions. Even the ancient Sumerians wrote that our solar system has 12 planets. There are 12 horoscopes, 12 Chinese zodiacs, 12 tribes of Israel. Jesus Christ had 12 apostles. In the Bible he says, that nobody knows what will happen when the world ends, only God the Father.