Osiris, the mysterious God

ANCIENT VISITORS - Osiris is one of the most important gods of ancient Egypt. The oldest reference to Osiris is on the Palermo Stone, which was engraved in the 25th century BC. Osiris was worshipped in many places up to the time when Christianity became a world religion.

Osiris ancient Egypt

According to Plutarch and other ancient sources, Osiris was worshiped because he had taught the - then primitive - Egyptians everything they needed to become an advanced civilization. His teachings included how to grow grain and how to build large structures, but he also gave them laws and taught them how to worship the gods.

What did Osiris look like? Osiris is usually depicted by the ancient Egyptians with a green skin and an odd, elongated head. It is unclear whether his head actually had that shape or if he used to wear some sort of helmet. This appearance has led some people to believe that Osiris was actually an alien that landed on Earth. The fact that on his first arrival he looked like ‘a mummified pharaoh’ could also support this theory: maybe alien Osiris was simply wearing a space suit?

Osiris’ name does not give us a clear indication about this. Even the ancient Egyptians did not seem to know exactly what his name meant. One ancient hymns’ author suggested that it meant “to open up good things”, which could make sense if Osiris actually taught the Egyptians that much. The oldest hieroglyph for Osiris is that of a throne over an eye, indicating some sort of all-seeing power.

If Osiris landed on Earth, then where did he come from? Osiris is usually associated with the Orion constellation, which is referred to as The Soul of Osiris. Osiris is considered to be the Lord of the Two Lands (of the Heavens and of the Earth). The ancient Egyptians seemed quite sure that Osiris departed to Orion. Where he originally came from is less clear. He is supposed to have been the son of an Earth god and a Sky god. Maybe the ancient Egyptians did not know, because he was a ‘foreign’ god, who had another residence on Earth, outside of Egypt?

However it may be, Osiris had a huge impact on ancient Egyptian civilization.