The Return of the Ancient Gods

ANCIENT ALIENS - Most religions and myths in the world mention a return of the Gods. Lately a lot has been written about the year 2012. A certain date is mentioned as well as the consequences. Some say there will be a catastrophe, an apocalypse. Others say it will be a transition to another world or dimension. What actually happened, who were the Gods? What information can ancient sources give us about what will happen?

Anunaki ancient aliens

Part 1: Should we expect the Anunnaki?

In Sumerian legends, written down on clay tablets, there is mention of the Anunnaki, Gods that ‘from heaven to earth came’. According to the ancient astronaut theory, these Anunnaki will return to Earth in the foreseeable future.

According to the Sumerian myth “Cattle and Grain”, An (the heaven-god) had “caused” the Annunaki (his followers) to be born. The Anunnaki are said to be ‘from the Dulkug’. They are often understood to be the earliest group of Sumerian gods, from a time when the gods did not have individual names yet.
However, they did not seem very god-like at first:

..They (the Anunnaki ) knew not the eating of bread
knew not that dressing of garments
Ate plants with their mouth like sheep
Drank water from the ditch..

Maybe they weren't not gods but somewhat like the human race, just a little different, maybe bigger or superior? Later some of them were the judges of the underworld, gatekeepers with eyes that could kill visitors just by looking at them. Sometimes Anunnaki are described as builder-gods, those who created towers and other structures.

From Sumerian legend becomes clear that the Anunnaki were not the only gods, There was a hierarchy of different groups of gods, of the heavens, of the earth, and of the underworld. Other gods, like Enlil and Inana, were, in their own worlds or cities, more equally or more powerful than Anunnaki. They were not the most important group of gods.

Enki in the shrine Nippur,
Gives his father Enlil bread to eat,
In the first place he seated An (the heaven-god),
Next to An he seated Enlil,
Nintu he seated at the "big side,"
The Anunnaki seated themselves one after the other.

Why of all these gods would it be the Anunnaki who return? The Sumerians wrote about a “heavenly chamber”, where gods or creatures were created. Maybe it is their creators who are coming back. Those who created humans as well?