Do Stargates really exist?

SPACE TRAVELING - From ancient times a lot has been written about Gods traveling around the Earth. They may have traveled around in spaceships. But how did they get here? Did these ‘gods’ come here in spaceships as well? Not likely. There are no spaceships that can travel across intergalactic space like that.

Stargates and Ancient Aliens

To cross a distance between our galaxy and Andromeda for example is difficult in any kind of spacecraft and will be impossible within a normal amount of time. Spaceships seem better suited to travel between and across planets, short distance travel in galactic terms. The question is what methods these gods used to travel between galaxies at maximum speed and with minimum time loss.

Those that wanted to reach Earth and other planets could have used a better way, connections between spaces called stargates.

That stargates really exist is doubted by some, but the theory is a serious alternative for the theory of physical space travel. Did the gods of the ancient Sumerians use gates to reach Earth? Did the same happen in ancient Egypt?

There is an interesting ancient Egyptian source that might actually describe this: it is called the Book of Gates. Traditionally this Book of Gates is described as texts about the journey of the sun during the hours of the night. It has been suggested that the texts were some sort of reference for telling time, indicating the most prominent star in the sky at each hour of the night. But was it just that? Why would the Egyptians pick gates to symbolize time? Why would they put these gates up as boundaries, and give them names of goddesses or stars? Maybe the pharaos were actually meant to use gates to travel to another galaxy or universe.

Equally interesting is the Dogon story, a tribe living in Mali, Africa. One of their legends describes “How Gods (Nomos) came to the Earth.”

Space stargates made it possible to travel to our galaxy from other galaxies. Megalithic ancient structures like the pyramids and Stonehenge could have been reference points for the stargates. It may not be a coincidence that they have images of other star systems in them. These images refer to Orion, Pegasus and Syrius. They could have been the Stargate stations, hubs to other worlds. On the other hand, if stargates existed, the question is whether they needed a physical form. Maybe they could be called or activated in any geographic location. Unfortunately we have no way of knowing with what code they were being programmed. Or will we find out some day?